My game is using Unity / UE4 etc. - does Audiomatik work for me?

Yes. Most game engines, commercial or non-commercial, have plugin interfaces. Audiomatik has been tested with several and is continually being improved to support as many engines as possible. If plugin source code is required, it will be provided in the support section. A good example for a Unity game using Audiomatik is Frantic Ball

I'm already using a different audio lib for my game. Can I still use Audiomatik parallel to it?

Yes. Though we cannot test against any possible combination of concurrent audio applications, Audiomatik itself is very independent and does not interfere with any other running processes - to the point of being 'stealthy'.

Can I use Audiomatik for dynamic music with my existing Mp3 collection?

No. Real-time mixing requires certain elements of the music to be available in their original form. At times, including individual instruments or even notes. Streaming formats like Mp3 or OGG use pre-processed audio data that cannot be manipulated in real-time at the same level. Audiomatik uses a custom format with similar or better output quality and better compression ratio. You can obtain awesome, royalty-free music for your project here: SONIC LIBERTY

Does Audiomatik work for my mobile game?

Yes. Audiomatik is available for iOS, Android and ARM Linux. It's especially suitable for mobile platforms due to its extremely small audio file size. Instead of tens of megabytes, Audiomatik music can be as small as 50 KB for a whole game track. That's about the size of a single conventional sound effect, e.g. a car horn.

Would there be any benefit in using Audiomatik to playback streaming music?

Yes. The benefit being saved labor. Depending on your IDE, Audiomatik can be fully implemented and tested within a minute, using two lines of code. It also runs smoothly alongside with other, already implemented audio software.

Is all that intricate audio data accessed on the hard drive during the game?

No. In order to reduce disk operations (ideally to zero), Audiomatik pre-loads all required audio data and will not access the medium it loaded from, afterwards. All processing is done in a separate thread and independent from the game's frame rate. CPU usage is minimal while all other factors can be scaled to fit.

Why are there no references to file names or paths in the API documentation?

Audiomatik does not require the programmer to handle any paths or file names in regards to game music. Technically, there is only 1 song, which can be 'called into mood' at any given time or dependent on any given game event. In the case of sub-songs, they merely represent an element of a sub-song-type array that is your game music. For example, a function call like AM_SetSubSong(3) would skip to the third song of the game. There are functions to access files in the low-level API but in general, they are not required.

I'm already working with a game music composer / my own music. Can I convert that to Audiomatik format?

Yes, though probably not on your own. It largely depends on the original format of your song and might involve more of an extension rather than conversion. For more information, please contact support@audiomatik.com

My game requires a fully orchestrated soundtrack that can adapt to 20+ different locations, while at the same time being able to instantly (within under a second) switch from battle to peace. Possible?

Yes. Piece of cake.

How is Audiomatik different from other dynamic music solutions?

A lot of the other systems use individual Wav or Mp3 files that they jump back and forth between. Like Psai or Fmod Studio. Given that, you are limited by the number of snippets you have. Plus, since you are using a pre-rendered format, file size becomes an issue. Audiomatik eliminates this with realtime-mixing, thus allowing for potentially hours of music with a tiny footprint.

For an unpredictable ambush situation in my game, I need a very sudden and dramatic change in the music. Possible?

Yes. Core feature.

Can I use Audiomatik to drive my sound effects, too?

Yes, using the low-level API. A more elaborate, high-level interface for sound effects is currently under development. For more information, please contact support@audiomatik.com

Is there any limit to what Audiomatik can do with music in regards to interactivity?

Yes. The game sets the limit. Other than that, the sky.